Dog Emotion and Cognition

     I started a Dog Emotion and Cognition Coursera with Brian Hare. He also has a website called which is a great way to do cognitive experiments with your dog. So far, Nora has gotten through the empathy portion.

    This wasn't a huge surprise. Nora is an incredible empath and has such a unique demeanor. She's always excited and submissive when meeting other dogs - she approaches low with her tail wagging and licks at the other dog's face before going for the unmentionable place. What did surprise me was this:

    Sometimes I get really irritated at Nora for standing in front of my face and just staring at me for no reason. I'll think, "I've done everything you've wanted! Why can't I have my own time? This is straight-up terrorism, bro." I'll be nicer about it from now on now that I know she's just blasting me with love vibes.


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