8 Ingredient Lemon Cake - VEGAN

Okay, so this thing is delicious.     I followed the recipe except for what I baked it in. I used two large ramekins instead of an 8x8 pan because I don't have one. It worked out well. I cooked it for an additional 10 minutes, I think. Make sure you weigh your ingredients with baking. It's worth it, I don't know what else to tell you.     I think that this tastes best the next day after the frosting has soaked into it a bit. I really like poke cakes, and this would do great with that. I poked one hole in the middle to test temp and ended up pouring the frosting in there and all over the cake. The jizzy frosting hole part was the best. Yeah, next time I'd make this as a poke cake.     Anyway, it's super lemony and delicious. It doesn't taste like coconut at all. I don't know if that's a bad or good thing for you, but I like my lemon bars to not taste like coconut, so I dig it!!

Dog Emotion and Cognition

      I started a Dog Emotion and Cognition Coursera with Brian Hare. He also has a website called which is a great way to do cognitive experiments with your dog. So far, Nora has gotten through the empathy portion.     This wasn't a huge surprise. Nora is an incredible empath and has such a unique demeanor. She's always excited and submissive when meeting other dogs - she approaches low with her tail wagging and licks at the other dog's face before going for the unmentionable place. What did surprise me was this:     Sometimes I get really irritated at Nora for standing in front of my face and just staring at me for no reason. I'll think, "I've done everything you've wanted! Why can't I have my own time? This is straight-up terrorism, bro." I'll be nicer about it from now on now that I know she's just blasting me with love vibes.

Calabacitas y pintos

      I went to the bank on Saturday to cash in about $60 of change for savings - it did not make it to my savings account.      I saw across the street that there was a farmer's market going on. I picked up about $15 of produce - three gigantic white onions, cilantro, hot roasted chilis, an avocado, and a few zucchinis. I had a crockpot of pinto peans on at home and thought calabacitas would go with it well.     I made burrito bowls out of this stuff and thought I'd share the recipe. I'm not going to tell you how much seasoning to put in, just what seasonings I used. Calabacitas - 4 servings 2 zucchinis 1 white onion 1 tomato 1/4 C corn ~5 roasted chilis - depending on size and spice preference you can also sub bell peppers. cilantro cumin 3 chipotle peppers and 1 Tbsp adobo juice of 1 lime salt Cut the onions thick like fajitas and let brown in a pan with oil on medium-high heat. Remove them and set aside in a bowl. Cut the zucchini how you like it and brown it in a pan w